“Amy convinced me in the first 30 minutes that it isn't a matter of ever
being ready for 'the conversation'
—it's about starting and opening an ongoing dialogue.”


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I want to cause a major cultural shift in how adults and kids think and communicate about sexuality, love, and relationships. I believe every parent and caregiver has what it takes to talk to their kids about this hugely important part of life.

One of the unique elements of my work is my lack of political or religious affiliation or agenda. Many parents want a place they can get information that is not associated with a political movement or religion, and I’m it!

With my help and support adults discover that talking to kids about "it" doesn’t have to be scary, overwhelming or tedious. My engaging, humorous and inspiring style, shows parents how to turn conversations they dread, into something they look forward to and embrace whole heartedly.

From the tender age of 22, I have worked as a sexual health educator. One consistent theme throughout my work was the lack of information people had about their bodies, sexuality, relationships and in particular, the lack of communication between young people and their parents.

This didn’t really hit home until my son had questions about his body and its workings and I was surprisingly uncomfortable talking to him. I freaked out and panicked because I had no clue what to say to him—and I’m a sex educator!

Spurred by my own discomfort, I had a "lightbulb moment" and in 2005 decided to start Birds + Bees+ Kids® to help parents become informed, confident and comfortable talking to their children of any age about sexuality, love, and relationships.

My MA in Applied Behavioral Science from Bastyr University/Leadership Institute of Seattle is a huge benefit, as I am specifically trained in adult education. I’m also a certified parent educator through Positive Discipline and this means I know just what parents and caregivers need to learn and parent at their best. You’ll be thrilled and impressed to learn I won the Mom’s Choice Award® for Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids and The Ask ANYTHING Journal. I was also a recipient of the Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur Award in 2009.

I have been featured in Seattle Magazine and Seattle’s Child. I’ve been a regular guest on NW Cable News’ "Northwest Parenting" segment and other radio and TV programs.

You can also find me in my community, serving on the Advisory Board of the Children’s Response Center in Bellevue, WA. The Children’s Response Center provides counseling, as well as legal and medical advocacy, for children who’ve been sexually abused or suffered other trauma.

I have been married for my entire grown up life to the same lucky (and patient) guy and we spend tons of time playing Legos, negotiating TV/video/computer time and herding Milo’s rats and cats, but not at the same time.

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“Your talk last night was very informative and thought provoking. It is clear that you have a passion for what you are doing and a deep respect for the job that parents are doing. That was very clear in the way you presented material and listened and answered questions. I especially appreciated the balance you struck between giving information and also letting people talk in small groups. I got to be part of a couple different groups and it is clear there is lots to process and to talk about. With three teenage daughters I know that everything you said last night was "right on." Early information is so important and sexuality/sex info is much easier to impart while kids are young. Thanks for coming and thanks for being such a wonderful, caring person.”

-Kathy Foster, Preschool teacher

“I've been to a lot of trainings with Childhaven and this was by far the best! Thank you.”

-Annemarie M.

“Amy has great information to help get us past our inhibitions for our kids' sake”

-Laurie, participant

“By the way, my husband had his first conversation with our daughter about penises when she said, "Daddy, what's that thing in front of you?" I was proud of him because he said he swallowed and said, "It's my penis" in a natural voice (well, kind of natural) and it sparked a whole conversation about who has penises and who doesn't. He said it's thanks to the coaching I did with him that he was able to say the word penis without embarrassment -- which means it came straight from you. So thanks so much!!!”

-Leslie R.

“I wanted to share with you how relevant and timely I found the session you gave recently. After that session, I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up several of the books you recommended. I've slowly been reading them to my 7-year and 3.5 year olds. It also gave me an opportunity to reopen the discussion regarding 'your body belongs to you, only you touch it,' and 'that sort of touching is for adults,' etc. Well, low and behold this last Saturday, completely out of the blue, my 7 year old turned to me and mentioned that a boy on the school bus had been touching her 'private parts'. We had a good conversation about it. I steeled up my courage, reminded myself of some of the scripts you mentioned during the class, and called the mother. Turns out the boy had been acting out recently and this was not the first time.

Long story short, I'm really grateful to have attended your class and applied it. It gave me necessary tools to communicate with my daughter and ensure she knew how to protect herself.”

-Carol H.