Amy Lang, MA Book Titles: The Ask Anything Journal and Birds + Bees + Your Kids

“After exploring the guidebook I now know how to have conversations with them while they are young, so we can continue to have thoughtful, informative, values-oriented conversations as they grow.”

—Kyrie C

Books by Amy Lang for Adults

Birds + Bees + YOUR Kids-
A guide to sharing your beliefs about sexuality, love, and relationships

Amy Lang: The Guide

by Amy Lang, MA

You know you need to talk to your kids about sex, but don't know where to start.

This is the place.

When you clarify your values and beliefs about sexuality, love and relationships, you will have the solid foundation you want and need to talk to your kids about this important part of life. The exercisesBuy the Guide now! are short, easy to understand and leave you feeling confident and inspired to talk to your kids. No other book will prepare you for the "sex talk" like this one.

Stop fretting about "doing it right" and get down to what's true for you, your family and your kids.

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A sample chapter from The Guide - Teens and sex—what DO
you believe?
(675kb PDF download)

Spending a few short hours working through the engaging exercises and questions is a small price to pay for years of open, comfortable, and give-and-take conversations.

With any luck, you may become a grandparent when you are ready!

Once you have done your work, you will be ready to start or continue conversations with your kids. The Guide will become a resource you can refer back to when your kids come home with a whopper of a question.

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Books By Amy Lang for Kids

The Ask ANYTHING Journal

by Amy Lang, MA

Amy Lang: The Ask ANYTHING Journal

This journal is just what your kids need to find out anything they want to know about life, love, bodies, relationships, sex, drugs, friendships, spirituality, death and anything in between. They write down their question, hand the journal off to you and you write a response. Fewer embarrassing face-to-face conversations about embarrassing stuff.

Buy the Ask ANYTHING Journal now!

Do you remember how uncomfortable you felt asking your mom a question about sex?
Do you remember how uncomfortable she was answering?

Your kids probably have the same feelings of discomfort you did—maybe not—but there is always something that makes them squirm at the thought of actually saying the words.

And, as a parent, there is bound to be something that makes you squirm, too!

The Ask ANYTHING Journal is the perfect solution to this problem. Your child writes his or her question—and you write the answer back. What could be easier?

This journal is a great way to continue conversations with your kids about sexuality, love, relationships, drugs, spirituality, friendships, death and just about any tough subject.

Your kids will get their burning questions answered without having to say a word!

You agree to answer their questions as honestly as you can and to respect their opinions, even if they differ from your own. Seed questions have been planted throughout the journal, so they have prompts to get their questions rolling.

They will thank you for giving them what they need without embarrassing face time.