Sex Education Resources For Parents & Kids

Child & Teen Sexuality Information

Amaze’s Kid-Safe Sex Ed Videos
For the 8 – 12 year olds, but watch ‘em first so you know what info they provide. And ignore their age recommendations – they are perfect for the age group I suggest.

Dot Girl’s First Period Kit
The perfect gift for the pre-menstrual girl!

Sex Education Tips For Parents Of Kids On The Autism Spectrum
Autism Sex Education provides sex eduction for Kids and Teens with Autism and Asperger’s.

Sexual Orientation & Attraction
PFLAG will help if you are wondering if your child is gay, lesbian, transgender or questioning

Be Heroes
Boy sexuality expert, Jo Langford, MA.

Scarlet Teen
Sexuality info for young (and middle-aged and old) adults.

Make Love Not Porn
Great comparison between porn and reality.

The National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
Current stats, surveys and info about US teens’ sexual activity.

So Sexy, So Soon Blog
Diane Levin posts about over-sexualized childhood and what we can do about it.

Gender & Children
Does your girl want to be a boy? Here’s some great help.

Child Sexual Abuse Prevention
Concerned your child has been sexually abused? RAINN will help.

Stop It Now: The Campaign To Prevent Child Sex Abuse.
Sexual abuse prevention information.

Committee for Children Child Protection Unit
Online staff training and much, much more to protect the kids in your care from abuse and your staff from accusations.

Savvy Parents Safe Kids
Sexual abuse and abduction prevention tips and classes.

A Safer Family. A Safer World
This information is designed for parents, caregivers, and other caring adults to help them prevent the sexual abuse of children.

Porn Prevention & Education

Great internet monitoring software for every device.

Why I Stopped Watching Porn
Powerful information about the influence of pornography – great for your middle schoolers and older to watch.

Culture Reframed Pornography
Solving the public health crisis of the digital age.

Help kids embrace technology safely and wisely.

Make Love Not Porn
Great comparison between porn and reality.

General Parenting Help

Positive Parenting Solutions
Parenting made easier. Seriously.

Priceless Parenting
Great online parenting classes.

The Next Family
Great site for same-sex parent families.

Joyful Courage
Wonderful parenting podcast hosted by Casey O’Roarty.

Books Store

Need a book? Check out my book store to find even more great sex education resources!